Tuesday, August 14, 2007

MBA-grad mints money from garbage management


New Delhi: Manik Thapar, an MBA graduate turned his business into a mission and vice-versa.

"When I was studying in the US people used to ask me how could I live in a dirty country. That's when I decided that I need to clean up,” says Thapar.

It was then that Thapar decided to set up shop in garbage management and collection in Noida two years ago. And the idea he had back in college in the US is now a money churner. Thapar's Ecowise Waste Management collects garbage from nearly 20,000 households, as well as a few malls and hotels, in Noida. This is then converted into almost 60 tonnes of compost or manure every month, and then sold in the open market.

“The waste is segregated and then divided into bio-degradable and non biodegradable waste. The Biodegradable waste is then converted to compost,” says Thapar.

Wet waste, which is primarily kitchen waste is then converted into organic and vermiculture compost. This sells for Rs 40 a kilo, while the organic manure is sold at Re 1 per kg. And it's not just about making money - Thapar says his venture saves Noida Authority, which produces around 350 tonnes of garbage every day, around Rs 9 lakh a day. Also, the men working under him are each paid Rs 5,000 per month and are given medical insurance. And Thapar plans for more!

“Future plans include expand work to cities like Delhi, Agra, Jaipur and Kerela. And crush PET bottles and supply these to Reliance and turn them into fibre optics,” says Thapar.

Thapar's also an advisor on the MCD's solid waste management committee. And while he's certainly making money, he says what drives him is also the will to make a difference.

Via: IBNlive