Monday, June 29, 2009

Can we save the earth? Verdant Kodagu at the mercy of smugglers, poachers.

Climate change is already altering the world's rich natural heritage and threatening countless species, including sea birds, butterflies, sea turtles, wild cats, fish, and scores of trees across the landscape. More destruction of our natural resources like the forests is un-acceptable.

If we don't act now to dramatically reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, thousands of species across the world are doomed.

Its sounds suspicious about the state ruled current government as the CM himself holds the post of forest minister also! what an unethical and social culture our so called leaders have. As others say the road is being constructed to help the smugglers amuggle the goods easily across the border between Kerala and Karnataka.

I urge you to support an economy-wide support in saving our forests and wildlife by taking necessary action to stop the Road being build inside the Pushpagiri wildlife sanctuary in Kodagu district.