Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Life, Joy, Sorrow, Knowledge...

:': Life is nothing but a moment in eternityLive humbly and every moment will become eternally yours!

:': If you listen to the flute of truth that echoes within, then you will never go wrong..

:': Both, joy and sorrow, are temporary.Everything is destined to pass away!

:': At all times during the Spring of Success, man should be ever ready for the Autumn of Failure

:': Let the notes of Knowledge, Action and Faith create the music of life. Ego is a false
note that creats disharmony.

:': Like Lord Krishna, it is the man of action who develops the power to make himself
present everywhere.

:': Appearances, more often than not, are only a facade. Realities can only be perceived
with the power of reasoning!

:': From attachment springs desire.And from desire, hatred is born..

:':there is no force in the world that can destroy the shield of compassion, perception and knowledge!

:': The power to excel lies in each one of us. Most people never try to bring it to the fore.

:': The flower is only as red as the eye perceives it to be. Our frame is only as real as our reflection on water!

:': Knowledge cannot be gained without an eye for observation.