Friday, May 06, 2005

Life, Love, Feelings...

:': Step out of the shadows. When you stand in the light, you're sure to shine

:': Tough times never last, tough ppl do. u wont win if u dnt begin.hve faith in ur faith n doubt ur doubts. HIS DELAYS R NT HIS DENIALS.....

:': It's a "S" imple, " M" ind touching, "I" nteractive, "L" ong lasting, "E" ffect
WHICH WINS HEART.....!! its your sweet (?) .......SMILE........!

:': Life's like having a cup of Tea. you sit by the window, lift the cup n take a careless sip, only to realise, somebody forgot to put the sugar. too lazy to go for it, you somehow struggle tru' that sugarless cup of Tea.... Till you, discover undissolved sugar crystals sitting at the bottom...
Thats LIFE!!

:': A sparrow was in love with a white rose. One fine day this sparrow proposed the white rose. The white rose told, when she turns red she'll love him. Sparrow tares his body and slowly spreads his blood on the white rose and it turns red and falls in love, but the sparrow is no more.. This is LOVE!

:': Marvellous monday, Tasty tuesday, Victory wednesday. Thankfull thursday, Friendly friday, Succesful saturday and Superb sunday, HAVE A GREAT WEEK AHEAD.

:': Challenges are highThe dreams are newThe world out there is waiting for you Dare to dream, Dare to try, No goal is too distant, No star is too high

:': Friendship is all about 3 things - WINNING, LOSING & SHARING
Winning your friends heart, losing your ego and sharing joys and sorrows...

:': The happiest people don't have everything in life, they just make the best of everything that life brings their way.STAY HAPPY!

:': Happiness always looks small if u hold it in ur hands. But when u learn to share it, u will realize how big and precious it is. be happy.. always..

:': Life spent wit someone 4 a lifetime may be meaningless but a few moments spent wit someone who really likes u means more than life itself :)

:': Friendship is like a Garden of flowers.. FINE & RARE