Wednesday, February 22, 2006

As you pass this way

You will make a difference in the world today. What kind of difference will that be?

Your life will travel in some direction today as the result of your thoughts and actions. What direction will that be?

This day presents you with a magnificent opportunity that you've never had before. You can take all that you are, all that you've learned, all that you've experienced up to this point, and use it to move your whole world forward.

Every good and valuable thing you do for life makes your world a better place to be. Every time you lift up others, your own experience of life is made more wholly fulfilling.

This day and all its possibilities will soon pass. Yet the value that you create from it will stay with you and will add its own unique flavor to all of life.

You will make a real and lasting contribution to life today. Choose to make it such that you'll always be thankful for having passed this way.