Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Choose now

Just because you experienced anxiety a moment ago does not mean that you must continue to hold on to it. Choose now to let it go.

You may have recently been angry about one thing or another, yet that destructive anger does not have to continue. Choose now to transform the energy of that anger into positive, healing, productive thoughts and actions.

Whatever the past may have held, this moment can be filled with what you choose right now. Peace, acceptance, joy, forgiveness, and positive purpose are all as close as your decision to choose them.

Think of the most joyful and fulfilling times you've ever known. Allow yourself to feel the way it feels when you're at your very best.

The world is as it is, the people around you are as they are, and this moment is here. You can choose now to face it all with the best you have to give.

Life is ever filled with all kinds of possibilities, and this moment is no exception. Choose now to make the most positive of those possibilities a part of who you are.