Monday, July 16, 2007

100 sets of twins in one village, and still counting


Kondinjni village, Malapuram (Kerala): How easy was it to play a prank and get away with it when you were a child? Well for many students at the Government Higher Secondary School in Kodinjni village, there is always a benefit of doubt - for a large number of them are twins.

Says a teacher at the school, Shibhu, "It is actually a huge problem for us. There are so many similar faces that it's confusing as to whom we are dealing with. We can't make the twins of the same class sit in different divisions and they don't want to sit in different divisions either. Also they get away with pranks many a times."

There are more than 50 sets of twins at the school and all are from Kodinjni, which has now earned itself quite a reputation of being a village of twins.

70-year-old, Abdullah Kutty is perhaps one of the oldest twins alive here. He too is puzzled with this unique phenomenon.

"We do not know how this has been happening. Neither have we tried to get to the bottom of it. We feel it's the gift of God," says he.

But even as the village celebrates, its doctors are confused.

Says the physician at the Tirurangadi Taluk Hospital, Dr Sribiju, "It cannot be mutation as the village is a very small place. It can be the influence of some drugs, but that's all speculation. We have no concrete theory or proof at the moment."

The village has more than 100 pairs of twins and is still counting. While the villagers here feel that it's a gift of God, the birth of every twin in this village adds yet another chapter to the mystery that surrounds this place.

- Naveen Nair | Via: CNN/IBN