Monday, July 30, 2007

Planet to be named after Mumbai boy

A few people have roads named after them, some others have buildings but a boy from Mumbai has a minor ice planet somewhere in the solar system named after him.

“If I look up at the sky, I can always feel there's something out there named after me. That's an excitement and rush like nothing else,” says 17-year-old Rishin Behl.

Rishin's world has acquired a dizzying spin of its own, heady with excitement.

“The exact coordinates will come along with my Intel award,” he says.

It's a project which Rishin presented at an Engineering Fair organised by Intel in the US that has earned him the honour and a scholarship to study electrical engineering in the US.

And that's not all. One of the leading defence forces in the world is now eyeing his innovative design and the details are top secret.

“I can't talk about it right now,” says Rishin.

It is this piece of equipment that has earned Rishin his place in the universe so to speak.

A seismograph, which is used to measure the intensity of an earthquake, much like the ones in our met department, but Rishin designed his using a magnetic field and a laser to make his computer generate a 3-D image of the shock wave.

It is considered a huge improvement over the conventional mechanical device. But Rishin is not resting by his laurels just as yet.

“I plan to use the same technology to create a portable device which can detect anomalies in the heart in case of a cardiac arrest,” he says.

And it isn't just technology but also tennis that drives this young innovator to play on.

- Via: IBN Live